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We all waited for OLED technology to come to desktop gaming. Today, we are announcing our crowd-developed glossy OLED gaming monitor.

Back in May when we attended Display Week, we shared our take on major display trends and polled our community to find out which of the upcoming displays they found most exciting. A 27-inch QHD OLED panel from a major OLED manufacturer raised the most interest and discussion, so based on these survey results, we picked this panel as a starting point for our new project.

Due to strict NDAs we’ve had to start development behind the scenes. But now it’s time to unveil our new Spectrum OLED ES07E2D, which builds on the foundations laid by our crowd-developed Spectrum line-up, the glossy coating we launched to great acclaim earlier this year, and the cutting-edge gaming performance of OLED.

So, what are we offering? Let’s have a look at some of the highlights!

can’t go back

Many of our community members have been spoiled by the immersive experience that OLED technology offers on TVs, phones, and laptops. Once you try OLED you don’t want to go back. But until now, no gaming monitor could compete. That is about to change.

Our OLED panel has individually lit pixels; it’s like having 3,686,400 backlight dimming zones! No blooming, deep blacks and infinite contrast ratio are core to OLED technology, but our glossy coating takes it to the next level.


individually lit pixels


True Black 400

 Infinite contrast ratio
98.5%coverage of DCI-P3


unleashed potential

Other manufacturers lock their OLED panels behind matte polarizers to reduce reflections. But our community of enthusiasts from around the world has spoken: reducing reflections is not worth the drop in black levels, sharp detail, and vibrant colors. That's why we use a unique glossy polarizer, unleashing the full potential of our OLED panel.

feel the difference

If you’re serious about winning, you’ll take every advantage you can get. With an adaptive refresh rate up to 240Hz, you get smooth animations without distracting tears or stutters. A response time of less than one millisecond keeps all your frames sharp and in focus. And although OLED is already one of the fastest technologies on the market, we focused on reducing display lag as much as possible, so you see the action as it happens, not after the fact. We can’t promise that you’ll win every game, but we can promise you won’t lose because of your monitor.


variable refresh rate

< 1ms 

panel response time

G-Sync Compatible
FreeSync Premium Pro


not curved, not ultrawide

More and more new monitors arrive on the market only in ultrawide or curved variants. And even though we know that there are some stalwart fans of those features, our crowd-development approach taught us that our customers prefer flat monitors in a 16:9 aspect ratio. They take up less space on the desk and have broader support in games, so it only made sense for us to stick with what works.

 16:9 aspect ratio
flat panel

king of ports

Many of our community members use multiple devices with their monitor, so we made sure to have a wide selection of ports available. HDMI 2.1 ensures that you can use new features such as variable refresh rate on the latest consoles, and our Type-C port will connect your monitor and peripherals to your laptop with a single cable, while charging it at the same time!

2×HDMI 2.1a


1×USB Type-C

with 100W power delivery


cut the clutter

Cable management is easily the biggest pain point for anyone trying to set up a tidy desk. Reducing the number of cables also helps reduce clutter, dust build-up, and the risk of something getting stuck or pulled off your desk. Our built-in USB hub, KVM switch, 100W USB-C charger and dedicated audio amp let you get more done with fewer cables. Without the clutter, you can focus on your game.

4-port USB hub

with Type-A and Type-C ports

up to 100W

mobile devices charging

KVM Switch
Built-in audio amplifier


peace of mind

Like our existing Spectrum line-up, our new monitor will come with three years of limited warranty. We are aware that one of the major concerns of OLED technology has to do with image retention, often called ‘burn-in’. That’s why we also offer coverage in case of burn-in for the first two years!

3 years

limited warranty

2 years

burn-in warranty


premium monitor, premium design

Our community wasn’t happy with the direction of modern gaming monitor designs. Often designed to stand out, they naturally don’t fit into many environments. So we kept things simple, understated, and elegant. Our design team is excited to reveal the final design soon!


how does it compare?

(Comparison to the upcoming LG UltraGear 27GR95QE-B )

availability and pricing

Just like our current models, the price of our new monitor will gradually increase as it nears shipment and a global retail release. Early supporters can benefit from our lean online-only cost structure with no middle-man markups. As we near retail launch, the price will go up to reflect the extra costs charged by retailers. (For example, our Spectrum model that currently retails for $ 949 was picked up by our earliest customers for as little as $ 569.)

The launch prices for Spectrum ES07E2D are as follows:

North America



Monitor $ 649

Monitor € 749 (VAT included)

Monitor $ 649

Stand* $ 99

Stand* € 99* 

 Stand* $ 99

Shipping and import tax is calculated at checkout. 

Many of our customers want to use a VESA mount instead of a monitor stand. Selling the stand separately lets everyone gets the best possible value by paying only for what they need.

We will start sending out invitations to our subscribers to lock in pre-order pricing soon. Deliveries will start in July 2023.

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