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Hey Everyone! ,

Bringing in latest updates on the Spectrum Black 27" Project! As our team is making sure product is ready for mass production we don't have the bandwidth to make as frequent updates as we like. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the monitor soon from you folks!



r/doughcommunity - Spectrum Black Scoop: From Firmware Fixes to Factory Finesse!


The First and foremost, please find updated interactive timeline and issue tracker below:


👉 Make sure to checkout collection of major project milestones here👈

👉 Check interactive development timeline here 👈


Let's go through latest updates by category first:



  • Firmware 💻:

👉 Spectrum Black 27" Firmware Issue Tracker 👈

  • In the past few weeks most of the focus has been on so called LG Display System Matching. It's a process in which LG tests our units for their thermal and core function performance to ensure they meet the benchmark and don't experience various signal interference issues. In the previous update we mentioned ripple issue has been the most serious one potentially affecting the schedule. Thankfully we were able to work around it by tweaking our adapter and thankfully crossing it out from our firmware issue list.

  • A lot of effort went into optimizing color and brightness performance. Adding maximum and uniform brightness modes for example. In the last post we shared on the subject you can see substantial improvements on gamma, brightness and color

  • We have also made progress on some of the other issues like OSD load speeds and Type C video output

  • All in all we are making good progress here


  • Certifications 📜:

    • Certifications are under way and we don't anticipate issues here right now. Getting feedback from certification agencies/ partners takes time but other than that its pretty straight forward!


  • Material Readiness for Mass Production 📦:

    • Since last update more mass production materials have arrived and ready for assembly. Target is to sign off on development phase completion and get production started!


  • Mechanical Tweaks 🛠️:

    • While we are satisfied with the looks of our monitor. At this point we are mainly focused on documenting all go the tolerances and signing of the limit samples that will be used for outgoing quality control of every monitor to ensure consistent premium build.


PVT Build Completed

This key phase is underway now. We have also assembled 30 monitors for further durability testing. See the video below from the production line. If you want to learn more about different project phases like EVT, DVT, PVT head on here.


What's Next? 📅

PVT units will undergo extensive durability, environmental and stress testing. We are on the finish line here and now it's critical we make sure that all the details are perfect before we ship! Now most focus goes into ironing out firmware bugs. We will keep you posted as we make progress on the remaining items before mass production!


Stay tuned!

The Dough Team