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Hey Dough Family!

We've been on a whirlwind journey with the Spectrum Black, and today, we're excited to share some major milestones. Let's dive in!


But before we do some important links to go along with the update:

👉 Check interactive development timeline here 👈

👉 Spectrum Black 27" Firmware Issue Tracker 👈


🚀 Mass Production Commences!
After intense focus and dedication, the moment has finally arrived: Spectrum Black is entering mass production next week! 🎉 We've been working nonstop to keep our production date on track, and we're thrilled to announce that we're ready to roll.


📅 Updated Timeline & Firmware Tracker
You can check out the updated production timeline and the latest firmware tracker here. Anticipating a swift wrap-up of production, we're excited to start deliveries. Depending on your location and how early you placed your order, most community members should expect to receive their Spectrum Black in January.


🌍 Global Rollout
Spectrum Black is going live on B&H and other major retailers this January. Plus, we're making a splash at CES! Come see the Spectrum Black with Glass, Spectrum One with Glass, and a sneak peek of other exciting models. Stay tuned for more details on our CES booth and what to expect. Spectrum Black 32" updates to start in Jan!


📰 Press Reviews & Customer Deliveries
January is the month! Review units are heading out to the press, and customers will receive their Spectrum Blacks around the same time. We're buzzing with excitement to hear your thoughts!


🛠️ Firmware Tracker Update
Our firmware tracker shows just one issue remaining: the finalized OSD. This is in place for feedback from our two community testers, u/Repulsive-Cat-9654 and u/LiquidShadowFox, winners of our recent contest. Keep an eye out for their first-hand impressions and feel free to ask them your burning questions right here on Reddit! Contest details here.


🖥️ Spectrum Black: A Game-Changer
The performance boost from cover glass on the Spectrum Black is quite big! From enhanced contrast and clarity to reduced reflections, thanks to the anti-reflective coating, it's a game-changer. For an in-depth comparison with other monitors, check out this detailed article by TFT Central here.


🔜 Stay Tuned!