Spectrum Gaming Monitors

Introducing Spectrum, the world’s first gaming monitor built by a crowd of gaming enthusiasts. By crowd-developing Spectrum monitors with thousands of gaming enthusiasts, we can create monitors that advance your gaming experience to the next level. It is not just another gaming monitor on the market. It guarantees an unparalleled gaming experience, from immersive image quality, and impeccable performance to iconic minimalistic, premium industrial design.

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Unparalleled User Experience


visual experience

By working closely with our community and attentively paying attention to requirements, Spectrum's gaming monitors provide exceptional image quality and precise color representation.


Featuring high refresh rates ranging from 144Hz to 280Hz and low response times, our monitors ensure a gaming environment that is free from lag and ghosting.

minimalist design.

Drawing from feedback received from our community of tech and gaming enthusiasts, Spectrum monitors feature a simple and iconic design, devoid of any flashy gaming aesthetics.


We've developed game-changing monitors with unique features like integer-scaling and glossy panels for gaming monitors, based on community feedback.

Power your passion

At the beginning of 2020 we decided to journey on our biggest, most passionate project yet – Project Eve Spectrum, or now Dough Spectrum after asking our community. Since the beginning of the project, we have always wanted to create the best gaming monitor your money can buy. No-nonsense design, high-end features, capable gaming, and nothing but the essentials. Exactly what our community wanted. And just like that, Project Spectrum began!

Indulge yourself in immersive gaming experiences.

Start from the desired experience and work backward to the technology. Through a deep understanding of user experience by crowd-developing Spectrum monitor, we're proud to come up with unique features, including the world's first glossy panel on a gaming monitor to help you immerse in your games.

Bring out the best

Because more than two-thirds of our community rate the importance of high resolution and beautiful colors in a great monitor, every Spectrum gaming monitor line is created with vibrant colors and crystal-clear images, yet no compromise on performance. Everything is set for you to be at the top of your game.

No compromise on aesthetics

No RGB light, tacky design, or obnoxious brand logos, Spectrum monitors will fit perfectly in most desk set-ups. With its elegant, minimalist design language and serious gaming performance under the hood, your daytime workstation becomes your battlestation at night