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Monitor for Editing and Gaming.
The Eve Spectrum
27” 4K Ultra-HD HDR 144Hz

Got my glossy 4K monitor last week from DHL. Paid everything (duties/taxes) in advance so no issues. The box was fully intact, no scratches, marks or anything. Handled perfectly.

Everything present in the box (power brick and cable). Even some vintage Eve stickers.

Hooked the monitor up to my M1 Mac Mini (macOS 12.2.1) with a USB-C cable I got with an LG monitor back in 2018. Connected it, my Mac recognised it, instantly got full 4K resolution with variable 48-144 Hz refresh rate and HDR options. Not a single problem or hick-up. Absolutely perfect.

I downloaded and now use MonitorControl, a Mac app which allows you to control monitor brightness with the brightness controls on Apple keyboards. Works flawlessly. Monitor gets plenty bright and reflection are not a problem at all, but I knew/checked this beforehand.

Display performs beautifully, no issues (yet). Hopefully I don’t jinx myself but so far so good. 10/10 recommend for creative/productivity work and gaming. It really is an all-round beast. Such a shame the company is still clouded by its rep and logistics issues.

I got it

I got my monitor! I’ll post more pictures and updates about it when I hook it up. Here’s my timeline for those interested, 8-9 month wait, also I wasn’t asked to pay any tax fees or anything of the sort that people have been stating on here:

Details: 4k Matte order

Ordered in November 2021
Payed in full December 2021
Confirmed my address on July 20, 2022
*Received an email stating a delivery scheduled by UPS from “SHIPBOB” on August 12, 2022
Received Monitor on August 13, 2022

Have a beautiful glossy screen was a very nice experience

Got it all setup last night (except the cable management) and honestly I’m pretty blown away by it. Running it on 1440p scaling within MacOS and it looks much sharper than my native 1440p 27” that this replaced, which I’m sure the glossy only enhances. Turning it on again this morning and being reminded I have a beautiful glossy screen was a very nice experience. Only downside (so far) except for it being a fingerprint magnet is that I have had some occasional flickers whilst running on Displayport. I have read this happens to other users and with other monitor brands too when using Displayport and HDR sometimes.

it’s finally here!

After a long wait, I also took delivery of my Eve Spectrum 4K Glossy! I just finished getting it set up, and while my first impressions of the product itself are overwhelmingly positive, I’m planning on writing more detailed thoughts after a few days living with the monitor and getting to know it’s quirks.

Off the bat however, I’m very impressed with the colors and overall picture quality. Uniformity seems excellent with little backlight bleed or DSE.

Things I’m a little less impressed with include the overall brightness, which is a bit dimmer than I had hoped, and the HDR implementation which appears to be pretty bad. I will likely keep HDR off.

Also, I seem to be stuck at 4K60 on macOS using a DisplayPort cable. The same box supports 4K144 fine when booted into Windows. Curious.

Anyways, here are some pics to mark the milestone!

My setup

I couldn’t wait lol…

The nicest looking and feeling monitor I’ve owned so far

Everything seems to be working fine, this is hands down the nicest looking and feeling monitor I’ve owned so far. Shipping issues aside it’s a great product. Can’t wait till everyone else gets theirs and everything goes smooth.

I’m really happy how they look and perform

Here some unboxing and final setup pics. I’m really happy how they look and perform.

As you can see, the manufactering date is june, and the displays already got firmware 107 (release date 01/07/2022) on them which is nice on one hand but means that after all, the last 6 months we were fed lies about the whole shipping status. “your monitor is already on the way”, “soon”, “any day now”… my ass.

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Twitter @cheebiehabba
Finally they arrived

My two glossy spectrums came in today! #DoughSpectrum

Love it

#DoughSpectrum #4KUltraHD Love it <3

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Gerald Lynch from iMore

Delivering a rich, colorful display and an excellent selection of ports in a refined design, the Dough Spectrum 4K 144Hz glossy monitor is marvelous particularly for gamers

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Can't wait to test it

My EVE Spectrum monitor finally arrived!
Can't quite thoroughly test it yet since I only have my laptop, but I'm looking forward to pairing it with my desktop.

Love this monitor

Ignore all the drone stuff, upvote 4k HDR Broccoli on my new #evespectrum 4k 144hz HDR600 monitor

Thank you for the monitor

Still waiting on the custom keyboard and cable to come in, but the setup looking cleeaaaaannnn. Thank you for the monitor!

Long waiting, but happy

After such a long wait Im so happy to now be gaming in HDR 4K 144hz ?? #EveSpectrum

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
How slim and sleek

I'll use my original picture from my review #evespectrum is a fantastic monitor. I wish I actually bought 3 instead of one because then I could get rid of the ginormous bezel monitors.

You can see how slim and sleek and small footprint the Spectrum takes. They're all 27".

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Absolutely love my setup

Absolutely love my setup with my new #evespectrum monitor! Would just be nice if I had a graphics card powerful enough to push it at 4K

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Just upgraded my desk setup

Just upgraded my desk setup with a new screen #evespectrum

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
I cant describe how awesome that #EveSpectrum can support my daily usage

Although I ordered the 2k 240hz model, I end up getting 4k 144hz one
But I cant describe how awesome that #EveSpectrum can support my daily usage

Thanks #EveSpectrum for designing this masterpiece!

Love the 4K resolution

Desktop setup - Off mode. EVE Spectrum New monitor, new feel. Love the 4K resolution for PC, XBOX Series X & iPad pro. #evespectrum

Spectrum 4K 144Hz

I'm nearly finished with my review on the #EveSpectrum and I am really, really impressed.

?? 4K @ 144Hz
?? HDMI 2.1
?? USB-C ports

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
My setup at home

My setup at home with an #evespectrum as the main monitor!

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
My #evespectrum setup

My #evespectrum setup ?? @evedevices

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
The setup is complete

The setup is complete, starting January I will be streaming every week night 9-11pm

Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Still loving my Eve Specturm monitor

Still loving my Eve Specturm monitor. Easily the best monitor Ive ever had. Thanks for ?@evedevices? Im a happy backer #evespectrum