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Premium mouse pad with CORDURA®️ fabric for durability. Lasts forever.

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Built to last
Durability ranked amongst our community's top requested features when making a quality mouse pad. That's why we created our mouse pad with the premium CORDURA®️ fabric, often used in military wear and performance apparel. With exceptional durability, the premium CORDURA®️ fabric makes it the best choice for mouse pad materials.
Smoothly glide your mouse
Designed for the perfect balance of speed and control, the mouse pad lets you glide your mouse smoothly and seamlessly. So you can enjoy your battlefield with fluid swipes and precise aim.
The bottom is made of 3mm thick natural, odorless rubber, seamlessly integrated with the low-friction top of the pad. Your mouse glides over the surface effortlessly, but your mouse pad isn't going anywhere!
Dirt and water-repellent
Now you can avoid damaging your mousepad if you accidentally spill water on it. If you ever make a mess, use a damp cloth. It will quickly take care of the matters without leaving any residue or a wet surface.
Two different sizes to choose from!
Everyone's gaming corner is unique and requires a different setup with matching desk size. Depending on the size of your desk, we've got a mouse pad that fits your needs!
Less is more
Simple yet clean, the mouse pad design follows our minimalist styling, guaranteeing you to focus entirely on what's on your screen. We know that in competitive gaming, every millisecond counts. With Dough mouse pad, you will not run the risk of losing because of the mouse pad.
Anti-fray machine stitching
Each mouse pad is stitched carefully to prevent peeling around the edge. It also does not interfere with the pad's height, so you won't feel irritation using your mouse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love it

I love the Cordura mousepad for its sleek and minimal design. It complements my workspace perfectly without drawing too much attention to itself. The surface is also smooth and provides excellent precision for my mouse movements.

Withstand long use

I use my mousepad for hours on end every day, so I need one that can withstand a lot of use. The mouse pad doesn't wear down easily, even with constant use

Looks cool

As an avid gamer, I need a mousepad that can keep up with my quick reflexes and intense gameplay. The Cordura mousepad does just that, with a durable surface that allows for quick and precise movements. Plus, it looks pretty cool too.

Like it

From the experience of using my 1000×500 one, the material doesn’t exactly fall into one of these categories; it’s more like a combination of both. Here are a couple of images of how I use my mouse pad:

I bought the 90x35cm desk mat and I’m enjoying it so far.

The thickness was strange at the start but it seems hard enough to not dent easily.
The only gripe I have, but this is with the available desk mats in general, is the sizes available. Not sure why all the short ones (up to 40cm in height) only go up to 90cm in length. This is annoying as my desk is 1m wide and I’d love to cover it edge to edge.