Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz
Spectrum 4K 144Hz

Spectrum 4K 144Hz

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Immerse yourself in your favorite games with vibrant colors, image quality, and impeccable performance. A sleek minimalist monitor with everything you need and nothing you don’t.​ The line-up also includes the world's first 4K glossy gaming monitor, bringing richer colors and deeper blacks. 
Panel Coating

With Stand

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Ships within 7 days. US only.
   14-day risk-free trial.
   3-year limited warranty

Product at a glance.

  • Stunning 27” 4K 3840x2160 with HDR up to 750 nits brightness​
  • Variable refresh rate up to 144Hz for immersive gaming​
  • 98% DCI-P3 factory-calibrated accurate colors​
  • Most advanced ports selection including USB Type-C​ with 100W charging
Tech Specs
How It’s Made
4K Ultra-HD resolution reveals every detail and displays sharp, crisp images. The vibrant colors and crystal-clear image guarantee full immersion into your favorite games. HDR with professional wide color gamut delivers excellent contrast and color performance that pulls you closer to the action.

144Hz refresh rate keeps you one frame ahead of your rivals during gaming while adaptive sync ensures your content is as smooth as butter by reducing screen tear, stutter, and lag. HDMI 2.1 enables high-resolution gaming with variable refresh rate on your favorite consoles.

The industry-standard matte finish minimizes distractions by diffusing reflections and is ideal when you have little control over the lights in your environment.
Our new glossy finish enhances your experience by providing more vibrant colors, deeper blacks, and sharper content.
See a billion colors as they are meant to be seen. Perfectly factory-calibrated in-house with accurate colors to present a true-to-life picture.
P398% sRGB100% 0.6 ΔEAVERAGE
Play straight out of the box using presets tuned for trouble-free gameplay. Or choose your own settings with extensive overdrive and backlight strobing controls.

Connect all your devices neatly to the built-in hub while keeping your desk clean. Spectrum comes with the most advanced port selection on the market. Two HDMI 2.1 ports unlocks the peak performance from your next-gen gaming gear. Support for up to 100W charging over USB-C enables video, audio, and data with a single cable.


Thanks to your feedback, we continue to improve our product with new features such as different display coating and user-upgradable firmware.
First-ever crowd developed gaming monitor
Made in collaboration with our community of 10,000+ tech enthusiasts
Unparallsel set of features that help you win big
Elegant yet sturdy, the Spectrum Stand provides solid support without taking up too much space. The wide range of adjustments lets you set up your monitor for maximum comfort. Since 41% of our community preferred to use the monitor with their own VESA mount, we offer the iconic Spectrum Stand separately. That way, you pay only for what you need and nothing extra.
90° 90°
+23° -7° TILT

Customer Reviews

Based on 209 reviews
Worth for waiting

Worth for waiting. It's definitely a good monitor for both working & gaming!

After 8 months of waiting...I love it

New monitor came in from overseas after 8 months of waiting #4k #evespectrum #ips

Little Setup Update, game changer for me

Runnig this Setup since a while now, but haven't shown the final state.
The last huge addition have been my two #evespectrum 4K 144Hz Monitors. Their built-in USB hub and KVM switch makes them a game changer for me.

display monitor size 27" (diagonal)
display area 597x336mm
aspect ratio 16:9
Image quality native resolution 3840×2160 pixels
4K Ultra-HD
pixel pitch 0.1557mm
pixel density 163ppi
brightness 450cd/m² typical
750cd/m² peak
HDR HDR10 Media Profile
VESA DisplayHDR600 certified
displayable colors 1.07 billion
color gamut 98% DCI-P3
100% sRGB
color depth 10-bit (8-bit + A-FRC)
color accuracy Individual factory calibration
D65 white point, average ΔE 0.6 (typical)
contrast ratio 1000:1 typical
10 000 000:1 dynamic
viewing angles 178° horizontal 178° vertical
surface treatment Low-haze anti-glare matte coating (model ES07D03)
Low-haze anti-reflective glossy coating (model ES07DC9)
Speed response time 5ms (gray-to-gray) typical
1ms (gray-to-gray) overdrive
frequency range 48Hz - 144Hz
adaptive sync VESA AdaptiveSync Display certified
NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible certified
AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certified
Technology panel technology Nano IPS Oxide TFT LCD
backlight technology Bottom edge-lit white LED with KSF nano-particle layer
backlight dimming Global image/svg+xml or no dynamic dimming in SDR mode
16-zone local dimming in HDR mode
curved panel No
touch-enabled No
pen-enabled No
Ports HDMI 2x
HDMI 2.1 video input
DisplayPort 1x
DisplayPort 1.4 video input
USB Type-C 1x
DisplayPort 1.4 video input.
SuperSpeed+ USB (USB 3.1 Gen 2, up to 10Gbps).
Upstream connection to computer.
Power output up to 20V 5A (100W)(USB PD 3.0).
USB Type-C 1x
SuperSpeed+ USB (USB 3.1 Gen 2, up to 10Gbps).
Power output up to 5V 3A (15W).
USB Type-A 2x
SuperSpeed+ USB (USB 3.1 Gen 2, up to 10Gbps).
Power output up to 5V 2A (10W).
3.5mm audio jack 1x
Analog audio output from video input source.
USB Type-B 1x
SuperSpeed+ USB (USB 3.1 Gen 2, up to 10Gbps)upstream connection to computer.
Features simultaneous active inputs Split-screen mode image/svg+xml
variable overdrive Yes
backlight strobing Yes
built-in speakers No
VESA mount compatible VESA Mounting Interface Standard 100x100mm
Kensington lock compatible Yes
Pixel-perfect upscaling using integer-ratio pixel duplication for low-resolution input signals maintains the iconic look of pixel art and keeps retro games looking crisp.
A crosshair overlay assists your aim and gives a competitive advantage.
A Frame rate counter overlay shows you how well your system performs and helps pick the right settings for any game.
The pre-sets have been tuned by Blur Busters for great performance straight out of the box.
User-upgradable firmware allows development to continue to tweak existing features and unlock new ones.
Adjustment controls 1x Power button
1× 5-Way joystick (OSD menu controls and quick actions).
Controls are centered on the back of the monitor.
status light 1x User-adjustable power indicator light (Default behavior: solid white when on, pulsing white in standby).
OSD languages 6
English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese.
Stand The Dough Spectrum Stand (ES07D04) is sold separately.
material Cast aluminum alloy
vertical tilt 7° down, 23° up
horizontal swivel No
pivot (portrait/landscape) 90° left, 90° right
height adjust 122mm
removable Yes, with quick-release button
Size and weight dimensions, monitor with stand (WxHxD) 607×571×227mm landscape, highest
607×449×227mm landscape, lowest.
351×707×227mm portrait, highest.
351×617×227mm portrait, lowest.
dimensions, monitor only (W×H×D) 607×351×44mm
696×446×137mm with box.
dimensions, stand only (W×H×D) 200×430×227mm
532×212×135mm with box.
weight, monitor with stand 6.7kg
weight, monitor only 4.7kg
7.9kg with box
weight, stand only 2.0kg
2.9kg with box.
20 – 80% RH
storage conditions -20 – 60°C
20 – 80% RH
power consumption 59W typical
222W maximum.
0.49W standby.
power input 19.5V 11.8A

power supply type External power adapter
power supply input 110 – 240V 3.5A
50Hz - 60Hz

LIMITED WARRANTY 3 years limited warranty
'Zero bright dot' pixel policy
For warranty details or instructions, please refer to the warranty policy.

IN THE BOX Dough Spectrum.
Power adapter.
Power cable.
Quick start guide
Color calibration report

image/svg+xml Feature available pending firmware update.
How many Spectrum models are there?

Currently we have a total of 5 different Spectrum models, ranging from different resolutions and refresh rates. The monitors come with matte screen finish as default, however you can opt for glossy finish instead. Keep in mind that glossy panel option is only available on 4K model and QHD 280Hz model.

Are the glossy variants share the same model number as their matte counterpart?

Although they are very similar with only difference in panel finish, Spectrum glossies have their own model number. ES07DC9 is the model number for Spectrum 4K glossy, and ES07DCA is the model number for Spectrum 280Hz glossy. This is important to keep in mind to distinguish the models apart for troubleshooting purposes and especially when choosing which firmware update package to use.

How do I update the firmware?

Spectrum features user-upgradable firmware. Updating the firmware may resolve issues and may improve or add new features. You can download the latest firmware updates from the Downloads section of our support page at https://www.dough.tech/pages/downloads. Currently, the firmware update can only be performed on devices running Windows OS. Mac users may use Parallels to perform update. Special instructions may be included, so keep an eye out for instructions.pdf included on each install package.
Remember that firmware update is a risky process. Please do not proceed if you are uncertain. We recommend only installing firmware update if you are experiencing issues or intend to use the new features it adds. Make sure that the monitor is connected to a reliable power source.

The new firmware doesn’t work well for me. Can I rollback?

You certainly can. Simply download the firmware package of the version you want to rollback to and proceed with installing as normal. Follow the installation instruction included within the firmware package.

My monitor refuses to turn on after running the update. Am I missing something?

If you have given ample time for the updater to process everything, then a prompt to restart the monitor will appear. However, there are a few instances when the monitor refuses to function properly after restart. When this happens, you will have to do a full power cycle (turn off the device and unplug the power cord for about 15-20 seconds) before turning on the device again. You may have to perform the power cycle several times before the monitor functions normally.

I need help with my device, what should I do?

We have a robust community filled with other members who own a Spectrum and are more than willing to help you should you encounter any issue! Feel free to go to https://dough.community/ and you will find many different topics and discussions. Become a member and you can contribute as well! Alternatively, should you encounter issues that our community cannot assist you with, you can reach our support team by filling the form at https://www.dough.tech/pages/support

I just got my Spectrum and I noticed that my firmware is currently on version 100. Does that mean I am using a legacy firmware?

That depends on what Spectrum model you have. Spectrums that came later in the development comes shipped with version 100 but already equipped with the latest features and bug fixes. Always double check your model number with the firmware you install. Installing wrong firmware to the wrong model can cause issues to the monitor.

My Spectrum kept on blanking when used with my PS5

Implementation of PS5 VRR post Spectrum development caused the function to not being able to be tested properly before the units reach the hands of our customers. This caused the screen to not be able to process the image properly, which results in screen blanking and flickering. To fix this, you will have to update your firmware to at least version 107 (for ES07D03 model). All other Spectrum variants are already shipped with the latest firmware available, which means that firmware update is unnecessary to fix this issue.

My Spectrum doesn’t perform as expected; some resolution options are not available and exhibits blanking/flickering.

There are a few things you can check; start with the cable used. Running a monitor with high resolution and high refresh rate requires a good cable. We always recommend using our Dough branded cables which has specifications to be able to facilitate the monitor’s maximum functions. Another thing to check is your connected hardware. Make sure that the video card supports the resolution you are after. Always keep all drivers updated! Spectrum also has firmware updates which enables certain resolution options and bug fixes.

My Spectrum refuses to be detected as a FreeSync Premium Pro supported device. Is this an error?

In the OSD (On Screen Display), there is a setting which toggles AdaptiveSync option. This needs to be toggled on in order for your device to detect the feature.


First, we asked our community what kind of display and features they wanted. Based on the poll results, we ended up with important specs like the size, resolution, high refresh rate and color accuracy. After that, we kicked off the next stage of the project.


Our community wanted a monitor with powerful gaming performance which doesn't look out of place in a professional environment. We chose a panel from LG Display and began the industrial design stage with our design partner, Propeller. We designed 5 different concepts of the monitor, Blade, Blocks, Float, Lamp and Stationery. We asked the community which concept looks best, and they chose Blocks as the winner.


An iconic display is only complete with an iconic stand. So, how do we make the perfect monitor stand? We listened to what our community wanted. The most common requests we got were for adjustable height, rotation, and tilt. We made Spectrum VESA compatible giving you the option to use the monitor mount you already have at home. To get the ultimate Spectrum setup, we recommend to pair it with its original custom stand.


Early 2020, we shared the big news with everyone. Project Spectrum gets announced to the world, and the name, as with everything else, is chosen by the community. We revealed Spectrum’s final design, and 3 available models including the 4K version. Our product team and partners joined forces to make sure that our monitor not only looks amazing but also is highly functional. After a few months of development, the first Spectrum prototype was assembled and turned on for the very first time.


The purpose of the Engineering validation testing phase (EVT) is to make sure all the parts of the monitor fit together as intended. We carefully inspected the samples and tested the ports, stand, joystick, and checked the paint finish. In addition, we also developed the firmware to test the basic functions of the monitor. All feedback was then passed on to our manufacturer to improve the product and its user experience.


Enter the design validation test stage. This is where we start building DVT samples using the same machinery that will be used in mass production and adjust the equipment if necessary. We focus on the assembly process, calibrating the machines and training the technicians. Within the first production run, we assembled 80 units that represent the final product. From these, samples were sent to third parties for further testing and certification.


Now that we have early production samples, we decided to do what no other hardware company has done before. We sent prototype units to 9 community members to test and find potential bugs, collaborating closely with our product team. Spectrum is now equipped with features like 4K, 144 hertz, HDMI 2.1, single cable connection with Type-C, user-upgradeable firmware and factory calibrated colors. We made sure all features were tested thoroughly before moving on to the next stage of development.


At this stage, we are only one step away from mass production. Here, we test the stability of the production line, fix any outstanding issues, finish reliability tests, and confirm the final quality standards for the production. The cool part of this stage is that we sign a “golden sample”. This is the 1 unit that all parties agree to be final. All mass production units need to match the quality of the golden sample. After all these tests are done, we’re ready to produce Spectrum at scale.


It feels good to unbox a nice package every once in a while, and Spectrum customers deserve nothing less. When we designed Spectrum’s packaging, we yet again listened to our community who wanted an environmentally friendly material. That’s why instead of Styrofoam, we designed a box with 80% recyclable cardboard that is sustainably sourced, and only used some foam to reduce vibrations during shipping. Fun fact: the wallpaper featured on our modern packaging was developed by a talented community member - @jozedwardo.


On June 2021, we began the mass production of the Spectrum 4K model. The panel and motherboard are assembled inside the frame, and each unit is individually color calibrated. Other quality checks and a third-party quality control inspection also take place to make sure there are no defects when you use it. After the monitor passes through all the quality checks, it’s packaged and boxed, ready to be picked up for shipping all across the world.


During the development of the Spectrum monitor, we explored other available coatings for the polarizer. While the industry standard remains to be the anti-reflective matte coating, our findings show that glossy coating provides better-perceived colors, deeper blacks and sharper texts. Our community welcomed the idea, and we developed the first-ever glossy gaming monitor. Thanks to your feedback, we continue to improve our products to ensure that we keep powering your passion.

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"The monitor, featuring a crowd-sourced design, is quite simply one of the best gaming displays on the market."


Spectrum 4K 144Hz - The best 27” 4K 144Hz 1ms monitor for your playing & working 

Spectrum is an In-Plane Switching (IPS) monitor that produces rich on-screen colors and creates better viewing angles. This IPS screen is paired with a 144Hz refresh rate for a faster response time of 1ms, giving you both speed and good picture quality. Because you shouldn’t have to choose.  

The product supports FreeSync™, an Adaptive-Sync technology, and is compatible with GSYNC®. It is designed to reduce stuttering and tearing in games and videos by locking the monitor's refresh rate to the frame rate of the graphics card. Check with your graphics card manufacturer for compatibility with Adaptive-Sync monitors.  

Spectrum is calibrated at the factory to provide maximum color accuracy in the DCI-P3 color space, so the monitor is ready to use for color critical applications with minimal setup. These factory calibration settings are saved in monitor memory and work independently from the source device used. A one-page calibration report is printed and included with each monitor.  

Two High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) 2.1 video inputs can take an uncompressed 10-bit 4K 144Hz image signal from modern graphics cards and offer Adaptive-Sync and high refresh rate features on the latest consoles.  

Overdrive and blur reduction settings were tuned by experts to provide usable presets for anyone to start gaming straight out of the box. On top of these, Spectrum offers unparalleled custom adjustment options for high-speed gaming.  

The built-in USB hub can be connected to a host computer using either USB Type-B or Type-C. You can switch between these inputs freely or have them switch along with your video signal to imitate the effect of a KVM switch.  

Spectrum can be connected to a mobile device with a single USB Type-C cable, simultaneously powering or charging the device (up to 100W), displaying an image, playing back audio, and providing access to the built-in USB hub